Tailor It to Your Audience

As we have already learned, successful webinars require you to have background information and understanding your audience because they are the essential component of the entire process. Your audience will determine which type of format you will be using for your webinar as will your topic. It is important to remember that failing to understand your audience, negatively impacts the purpose of the webinar, and it can lead to the audience becoming bored or disinterested. 

The Types of Target Audiences.

For example, your audience would benefit from a live webinar for more complex topics that are likely to cause questions and require direct interaction. This will require your entire audience to access the webinar at the same time. On the other hand, prerecorded webinars are useful for simple topics, such as explaining the different uses for your product. Prerecorded webinars also allow your customers to access the information at their convenience, which is one benefit live webinars do not provide. Again, your topic and customer needs will determine which style of webinar works for you.