Eye-Catching Content

As we have already stated, it is important that you grab the attention of your audience immediately. It is just as important to keep their attention. After a strong opening, you need to keep the momentum going. Many professional presenters follow the 10-minute rule. This rule is based on the understanding that attention begins to drift after 10 minutes. This requires a simple change of course every 10 minutes, such as switching to a demonstration or slide show. There are other ways to keep the attention of your audience:

  • Use slides in moderation: Slides with everything you say are just as boring as talking alone.
  • Use animation and images: Make sure that they are relevant to the webinar.
  • Use demonstrations: Again, make them relevant to your topic.
  • Limit information: Provide a basic overview, not an in-depth analysis.

Simply find the methods that work best for you, and space them out to keep your audience interested and motivated.

The Means of Enhancing the Reach of a Webinar.