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The following webpage has been developed to provide a comprehensive social media toolkit for our Affiliate Partners.

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While CUNITECH Institute continues to grow, we want to share the growth with our partners. As such, we have committed to launching our Affiliate Partner Program that will help extend the reach of potential partners and students that will benefit from the professional learning materials that are provided at our platform. Hence, to support our Affiliate Partners, CUNITECH Institute provides a collection of social media resources and other information that help amplify the social media campaign activities.

The purpose behind the development of this social media toolkit is to support CUNITECH Institute’s Affiliate Partners by providing resources and information that will help them carry out their social media campaign activities and promote the courses.

How can I extend my promotion opportunities for CUNITECH Institute’s courses?

As outlined in the explanation about the purpose of this social media toolkit, CUNITECH Institute provides a collection of social media resources that provide supportive resources about the social media campaigns that our Affiliate Partners undertake. In the following link below you may find a collection of  marketing materials for programs and courses, promotion social-media descriptions for each program and course that can be used for you to share them across your desired social media platforms.

You may click on the “Download Assets” below button to obtain the necessary social-media assets that can be utilized. The images that are on this toolkit have been tailored to suit the social media requirements for all the major platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram & Instagram Story and TikTok. Additionally, the pictures are embeddable for your blog posts and websites.

If you experience issues downloading zip files on mobile, please use a desktop. Also, you can contact us at 

If you experience issues downloading zip files on mobile, please use a desktop. Also, you can contact us at 

If you experience issues downloading zip files on mobile, please use a desktop. Also, you can contact us at 

Examples of our social media captions

CUNITECH Institute aims to expand its reach through the utilization of the most popular social media platforms, and develop our resources to be compatible with all of their conditions. Below you may find social-media description resources for each platform to help grasp the idea behind such a process.


The #Internet is among the most important inventions of the 21st century that has affected our life drastically. #cybersecurity is yet another contributing factor that adds to the continuous growth and therefore helps us cross barriers. In this Master Certificate in Cybersecurity provided by @CUNITECH students will take part in fifteen (15) online courses that cover the expertise that is needed to lead in a growing field. Students will be able to learn different techniques to combat cybersecurity #attacks by therefore strongly recognizing the role of cybersecurity in the #protection of information, and recognizing factors that can cause security #flaws that can bring the entire organization at high risk.

This program promotes cyber #defense protection strategies that should be known to any entry-level student that is pursuing a career within the cybersecurity field. Link to enroll in the “Master Certificate in Cybersecurity”:

#CUNITECH #CUNITECHInstitute #cybersecurity #courses


As organizations struggle with tracking and maintaining their internet footprint, the need for well-educated #cybersecurity leaders is expected to grow. Learn about methods used to raise #security awareness, review current industry practices, and develop your expertise with our online course on Cybersecurity Management.

Link to enroll in the “Certificate in Cybersecurity Management” course:

#CUNITECH #CUNITECHInstitute #cybersecurity #course


Enroll in the Web Application Penetration Testing course and learn how to analyze web applications, and gain a better understanding of the industry-standard tools used to perform #penetrationtesting.

Link to enroll:



Keeping up with #cybersecurity threats and regulatory #compliance is not easy. Many companies engage the support of trusted advisors to better understand their cybersecurity and compliance posture, learn best practices and pursue their business goals in the face of cyber uncertainty.

Cybersecurity Strategy and Risk Management offered by CUNITECH Institute is a CPD-certified online course that will help you better anticipate disruptions, adapt to a changing security landscape, and look to innovations to gain a competitive advantage without losing sight of security.

Link to enroll “Cybersecurity Strategy and Risk Management”:

Social Media Toolkit

We wish you good luck in your efforts to extend the reach of potential students and partners by promoting our courses. Keep in mind that CUNITECH Institute is always here to help and support our partners in our mutually beneficial activities.  If you have any questions or would like further assistance regarding the social media toolkit of CUNITECH Institute please contact us at and