Reviews & Ratings

Read our students' reviews and ratings of our online courses.

Reviews & Ratings

Read our students' reviews and ratings of our online courses.

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We gather students’ opinions on the quality of our online courses.

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Price-Performance Ratio 98%
Student Satisfaction 96%
Quality of Course Content 91%
Usability and Navigation 90%
Relevance of Course Content 86%
Community and Contact 72%

Selected Reviews

I took the Certificate in Cybersecurity Management online course from CUNITECH Institute. As someone who is in the process of acquiring a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity, I can indeed say that it was a great experience. I have taken a few courses on Cybersecurity Management during the process of acquiring my Master’s degree, and I can say that I learned a lot more by taking this online course.

Temilola Olorunshe
Technical Support Consultant

With CUNITECH Institute’s course: Certificate in Cybersecurity Management, I had an excellent impression. The learning content of this course is easy to understand and reflects the most important aspects of cybersecurity today. I look forward to the next courses with CUNITECH Institute.

Dirk Hosemann
System Administrator

As a student, I am preparing for the industry that I’d like to work for. I really do not know where to start. What areas should I focus on? etc. The course gave me an overview of the knowledge that I need to solidify when it comes to the field. I am grateful once again, and I hope this would help me find the right connections and lead me to a cybersecurity job in the future. Kudos to you guys!

Camille Cardona
Computer Engineering Student

The Certificate Program: Cybersecurity Essentials course presents a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity in general, covering a vast number of topics. Overall, the course taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well-paced. Highly recommended!

Cheryl Torano
Security Engineer

The Cybersecurity Management course at CUNITECH Institute gave me a great opportunity to get a certificate in the field of Cybersecurity which is very hot and top trending area present days.
What you see, what you get. I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to specialize into Cybersecurity and plan to make the first steps into it.

Zoltán Kelemen
Information Security Officer

The course has valuable information for creating a solid foundation in Cybersecurity Management. I highly recommend it!

César Arturo Martínez Valenzuela
Computer Eng. Student

The Cybersecurity Management course was well organized and provided valuable information, making learning very enjoyable.


Kolapo Agunbiade
IT Specialist

I really enjoyed the courses at CUNITECH Institute and learned a lot. I would suggest this platform to anyone looking to enhance their skills in the Cybersecurity field.


Orivlle Tan
Assistant Manager for Operations

The Cybersecurity Essentials course was an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of cybersecurity, the types and motives of cyberattacks, in order to deepen my knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals.


Konstantin Milchev
Help Desk Analyst

My experience with CUNITECH Institute was great! The Web Application Security Testing with Burp Suite course was very understandable, and effective. Overall, the course was excellent, inexpensive way to learn Burp Suite, and i highly recommend it to anyone in the cybersecurity field.


Akash HC
Security Engineer

This is the most beneficial, real-world applicable course i have ever attended on web application penetration testing. I will refer everyone i know. I was amazed at the quality of Web Application Security Testing with Burp Suite online course at CUNITECH Institute.


Tejavardhan Vishwakarma
Cyber Security Sr. Security Analyst

I am recent graduate of Murdoch University and just got a job. Cybersecurity Management course has helped me understand the importance of managing all devices and people within the organization. It is for anyone who manages IT in the workplace.


Akash Gurpur
Information Security Engineer