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Ken Khor

IT Support Engineer

Completed the course Certificate in Cybersecurity Management at CUNITECH Institute. The course is 100% self-paced and online which is easier for me to plan my schedule between study and work. High-quality content and easy-to-follow structure. I would highly recommend this course to all working professional who is interested in advancing their career in cybersecurity.


Edimond Kaseke

Senior IT Support Officer\Network Administrator

Everything about the course was informative and a great learning experience. Some of the information was totally new to me and thus required a lot of concentration.
However, I was able to take what I needed and improve my knowledge and understanding. I can highly recommend the course to anyone interested in cybersecurity. Thank you CUNITECH Institute!


Rodrigo Hachscheitt

IT Support Analyst

I am so happy to have completed the CUNITECH Institute’s online course Certificate in Cybersecurity Management. For me, it was a great experience, and all the content I learned I use in my work in our Cybersecurity Training Program to employees. Thank you CUNITECH Institute, and I will be taking other courses soon.


Oualid Kelaiaia

IT Infrastructure & Industrial Systems Manager

I salute your professionalism and I am very satisfied with the quality of the online courses you offer on your CUNITECH Institute platform. The prices are affordable for these CPD-certified online courses. I wish you good luck and thanks to the great customer support team.




Sami Basmadji

Technical Support Engineer

CUNITECH Institute offers well-organized, comprehensive, and high-quality in-depth resources within their online Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course. As well as, featuring a wide selection of specialized online cybersecurity courses that will provide you with a better understanding of the subject, allowing you to confidently establish a comprehensive knowledge base to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Great work guys!


Josue Leonel Hernandez

IT Consultant/ Junior Java Developer

Excellent courses and programs. I have enjoyed CUNITECH Institute courses and I would recommend them to anyone who believes in professional development.


Orville Tan

Associate Assistant for Operations

I have enjoyed taking the CUNITECH Institute courses and found them both stimulating and hands-on. I am glad I enrolled in the CUNITECH Institute’s courses. I enjoyed learning about cybersecurity topics. I would recommend anyone who wants to broaden their knowledge of cybersecurity to enroll in this course and benefit from it. Good job guys!



Romeo Yong

IT Compliance & Security Coordinator

It was a great learning experience with CUNITECH Institute. I took the Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course and it gave me the background needed to understand cybersecurity in depth. This knowledge is important for everyone to learn no matter what cybersecurity role you might want to get or have within an organization. In addition, you need to know this to protect yourself on the internet. They do a good job of touching on all potential trouble spots, from data theft to data loss to hackers stealing your data and money! Good job CUNITECH Institute


Nformi Kingsley

Product Technology Engineer

I took the Certified Cybersecurity Analyst online course from CUNITECH Institute. Really great course and one thing for sure is that the format of the course matches daily professional experiences. More so it made it easy to facilitate understanding with down to earth examples.




Irven Kapata

TI Site Engineer

CUNITECH Institute provided me with an amazing learning experience in a great environment with great content regarding cybersecurity. The layout and structure of the courses are easy to follow and provide in-depth information that caters to all kinds of learners.


Francesco Zuccala

IT & Cyber Security Specialist

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course provides a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity management concepts, risks, and processes, while also delving into often underrated topics related to governance and risk management. One of the strengths is the simple, yet comprehensive explanation of the key concepts. I highly recommend this course as a great learning material for further enhancing your professional capabilities in the world of cybersecurity.


Kasper Ell

System Administrator

CUNITECH Institute helped get a better grasp on cyber security with easy-to-follow courses for beginners to intermediate level.


Paul Olushile

Security Researcher

The Certified Cybersecurity Analyst course was a great experience, I managed to learn a lot from the content of the course. This course helped me expand my knowledge on various cybersecurity concepts, and helped me highlight the most crucial aspects of cybersecurity. I would definitely recommend this course to any professional that wants to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities.


Gloria Loko

Cybersecurity Analyst

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course has given me a great first experience with CUNITECH Institute that I hope to continue with. As an employee in the cybersecurity industry, I have managed to understand new things that will improve my skills and my efficiency at work. I will definitively continue with the other courses offered here.


Camille Cardona

Computer Engineering Student

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course gave me an overview of the knowledge that I need to obtain when it comes to the cybersecurity management landscape. As a student, I am in the process of equipping myself with the adequate skills that would help me thrive in the industry. Once again, I am very grateful, and I hope this course will help guide me towards the right path and lead me towards a cybersecurity career in the future. Kudos to you guys!


Dirk Hosemann

System Administrator

I’ve had an excellent impression with CUNITECH Institute’s course Certificate in Cybersecurity Management. The learning content of this course is easy to understand and reflects on the most important aspects of cybersecurity today. I look forward to further enhancing my professional competencies with the other courses provided by CUNITECH Institute.


Temilola Olorunshe

Technical Support Consultant

As someone who is in the process of acquiring a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity, I can indeed say that partaking in this course was a great learning experience. I have already taken a few courses on Cybersecurity Management during the process of completing my Master’s studies, and I can say that I learned a lot more by completing the Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course.


Akash Gurpur

Information Security Engineer

An amazing course from CUNITECH Institute. They managed to include most or all of the necessary information into a 6 (six) hour course of reading tailor-made for aspiring students. The title is crystal clear and it resembles the content that is provided. I would highly recommend the Cybersecurity Strategy and Risk Management course for anybody looking to enhance their professional capabilities.


Fabio Costa

Cybersecurity Specialist

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course is very well organized and easy to understand. The completely self-paced methodology enabled me to learn calmly and at my convenience. Overall, the course was a good learning experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is aiming at executive positions in the field of cybersecurity.


Cheryl Torano

Security Engineer

The Certificate Program: Cybersecurity Essentials course presents a comprehensive introduction to cybersecurity in general, covering a vast number of topics. Overall, the course taught me what I was looking to learn, was well organized, and well-paced. Highly recommended!


Zoltán Kelemen

Information Security Officer

The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course at CUNITECH Institute gave me a great opportunity to get a certificate in the field of Cybersecurity which is very hot and top trending area present days. I highly recommend this platform to anyone looking to specialize into Cybersecurity and plan to make the first steps into it.


César Arturo Martínez Valenzuela

Computer Eng. Student

The course has valuable information for creating a solid foundation in Cybersecurity Management. I highly recommend it!


Alex Anderson

Information Technology Specialist

CUNITECH Institute is one of the best providers of adequate training necessary to excel in various areas of the technology industry today. From my experience at CUNITECH, the training allowed me to gain valuable insight about cybersecurity in their Certificate in Cybersecurity Management course, and it doesn’t stop there. I advise you to look into the different programs paths they have to offer, from Information Security, Data Science, Organizational Management, Business Digital Transformation, etc. you won’t be disappointed!


Konstantin Milchev

Help Desk Analyst

The Certificate Program: Cybersecurity Essentials course was an excellent opportunity to learn about the history of cybersecurity, the types and motives of cyberattacks, in order to deepen my knowledge of current threats to organizations and individuals.


Eder Fernando Bolaño Rocha

Solutions Architect

Awesome, this word describes learning experience in my course Cybersecurity Management.

César Arturo Martínez Valenzuela

Cybersecurity Analyst

I took the Certificate in Cybersecurity Management online course at CUNITECH Institute, and I must commend the richness of the online course. The modules were quite easy-to-follow with supportive videos used in driving each point home. I recommend the online course, particularly for people who do not like long reads or videos.

Vishesh Bhulani

Service Manager
The Certificate in Cybersecurity Management online course provided by CUNITECH Institute has given me a very good understanding of the fundamentals of cybersecurity. The topics are well thought out and easy to understand. I will definitely continue with other courses offered here to improve my skills.

Fábio Rodrigues

IT Support Professional
Certificate in Cybersecurity Management is a thorough course that enables the student to learn at their own pace, have access to their instructor when needed, and have access to tools that they can use to build upon on their education and what’s been taught. You receive more than just a piece of the puzzle and not just the theoretical side and wonder how to incorporate it into your work and how to implement them in your business/company and see it to completion! Great Course!