Registration Manual

Please navigate through the webpage below for a step-by-step guide on the registration process to become an affiliate partner.

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1. General Information
The following step-by-step guide which you are currently reading is intended for those who decide to participate in a CUNITECH Institute’s affiliate program. For visitors who are new to marketing, affiliate programs provide an excellent opportunity to making way to make a profit while advertising a product that is not your own. By joining CUNITECH Institute’s affiliate program, you don’t need to have to create any products, you don’t need to possess a warehouse, and you don’t have to worry about anything because it’s all handled by CUNITECH Institute. Essentially, all you have to do is create a website where the products sold by CUNITECH Institute will be recommended or you can promote our courses and programs by creating your Affiliate URLs on our platform and sharing them with your audience. So, when visitors click on those links and buy those products, you will earn a commission.
2. Getting Registered as an Affiliate
2.1 To access the resources of CUNITECH Institute’s Affiliate Program, you need to be a registered affiliate partner. To complete the registering process for the Affiliate Program, you have to follow this link:
2.2 The screenshot below represents the message that is shown when you complete the registration process successfully.
2.3 After completing the registration process, you should navigate to your email to check whether you have received an email regarding the pending application for review by CUNITECH Institute.
2.4 CUNITECH Institute has the right to conduct a review process, and can accept or decline an application. When a user is accepted, you will receive an email like the one presented below.
2.5 Upon receiving the confirmation about the verification process, you should go back to the page and login with your account.
2.6 Upon entering your credentials and completing the login process, you will be directed to the Affiliate Dashboard. The image below shows how the Dashboard looks.
Thank you for your time and attention. Please keep in mind that for any inquiries that you might have, feel free to always contact us and we will gladly provide any required support for questions or issues that you might have.

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