Web Application Security Testing with Burp Suite

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In this CPD certified online course, students will learn about the theoretical and practical understanding of utilizing the Burp Suite. Mastering Burp Suite is an industry-demanded standard for regarded testers; even though it is not an easy process, it can be highly beneficial for elevating your skills. Throughout the course, students will learn how to take apart a web application, identify and attack its weakest regions, automate repetitive tasks, and much more. In addition to the course content, participants will also have access to a final quiz in order to receive an internationally recognized certification that will verify their skills and prepare them to successfully enter or advance in the job market.

Learning Objectives​

About This Course

Web Application Security Testing with Burp Suite takes you deep into the actual hacking process using Burp Suite, a freeware software developed for testing web application security. Burp Suite is used massively by security professionals to identify attack vectors by finding security vulnerabilities in their web applications. Hence, this course will help students master the Burp Suite framework and teach them the practical techniques to quickly identify and exploit vulnerabilities such as Command Injection, CSRF, Local File Inclusion, SQL Injection, XSS, etc., in web applications. Whether you are responsible for IT security in your organization, a developer who wishes to ensure that your applications are free from bugs, or an IT student, this course is intended to broaden your professional knowledge in the information security field.



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