Organizational Training: Developing a Proper Webinar

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The modern industrial environments have been enriched with various technological tools and solutions that have enabled organizations to utilize digital solutions for the purposes of creating presentations, demonstrations, and in this case webinars. Webinars have become one of the most popular forms of business presentations and communications. The purpose of developing a webinar is to create a presenting experience the target audience regardless of the topic which is going to be presented, but rather focusing on the experience and the message which is supposed to be transmitted. 

In Organizational Training: Developing a Proper Webinar, the students will have the opportunity to learn about the fundamental concepts, practices, and strategies for developing proper webinars. Moreover, the course offers an in-depth analysis of the most prominent mechanisms that professionals leverage from developing webinars as a mechanism for accelerating the digital transformation process of an organization.

Learning objectives

About this course

Webinars in the modern business environment, have become a popular form of presentation and communication regardless of it being addressed to partners or customers. Various digital platforms have provided solutions for creating prominent webinars that can address your organizational needs and the requirements of your targeted audience. The process of digital transformation for an organization can be quite complex, but with the right learning material, this process can become much simpler.

This course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and aspects which are related to the process of developing webinars. Furthermore, this course aims to support the students in the process of gaining the necessary knowledge so that you can utilize the best business practices for appropriately developing webinars, and how to ensure that there the levels of communication, interaction, and engagement are at a prominent level for ensuring proper digital transformation. 



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