Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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The technological and scientific innovations of the past centuries have forever reshaped the manner in which societies and industries operate, communicate, and interact with each other. The numerous technological tools and solutions that help us perform tasks, processes, and operations have gradually evolved to satisfy the growing demands of consumer entities. As the evolution of computer science technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and its domains continues, there has been a significant emphasis placed on the importance of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for interpreting data and information that are written in natural human language.

In CUNITECH Institute’s online course Natural Language Processing (NLP), the students will be subjected to a collection of modules comprising the domains and scope of Natural Language Processing, where they will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, tools, and technologies of Natural Language Processing (NLP). Furthermore, the advanced computational and analytical capabilities that are available today have elevated Natural Language Processing as one of the currently most highly-important components of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science in general. Hence, for aspiring professionals, the topic of NLP can be a substantial benefit to acquiring skills.

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As a subfield of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (NLB) technology has become one of the most widely applied machine learning areas due to its capabilities of utilizing algorithms for the interpretation and manipulation of human language. The enhancement of computing and processing capabilities has enabled the surge of the potential that the AI and ML enhanced technologies to thrive. Considering the vast applicability of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, along with the simultaneous development of new technologies, there is an increasing demand for professionals who would possess the required competencies to carry out such projects.

This online course has been developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the comprising elements of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. Furthermore, this course aims to facilitate the professional development of students in enhancing their knowledge and capabilities on the topic of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies and exploring the possibilities for integrating various strategies and approaches that can leverage the benefits of such technologies. Additionally, the students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnection between business and data interpretation and analysis as core competencies for succeeding in the modern dynamic environment.



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