Mobile Application Penetration Testing of Android Applications

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The heavy reliance on the web and mobile technologies has emphasized the necessity for ensuring the safety of the applications that organizations and their customers utilize. Considering the significant increase in the number of cyber risks, threats, and data breaches, users and organizations must shift their attention towards securing the mobile applications that they utilize, attract competent professionals, and preserve the safety of business and customer data so that they do not fall victim to cybercriminals with malicious intents. To respond to this demand for professionals, CUNITECH Institute provides a professionally developed online course accredited by The Certification Service of the United Kingdom.

In this CPD certified course Mobile Application Penetration Testing of Android Applications, the students will enhance their knowledge of mobile application penetration testing of Android applications, comprehend the various testing tools, and develop penetration testing capabilities that will ensure the safety of mobile applications in response to the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Moreover, the course offers an in-depth analysis of the most prominent mechanisms that mobile security testers utilize focusing on actionable tools, techniques, and strategies.

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About This Course

The massive integration of web and mobile technologies has enabled organizations to shift their business focus towards the utilization of the available technologies for better performance and profit. Mobile devices have become an integral part of individuals and organizations, if utilized properly, they can provide innovative solutions, value deployment, and upgraded customer connection. Mobile applications have become quite popular due to their enhanced capabilities in relation to other technologies, but it is important to understand their vulnerabilities before making them available for the digital environment.

This online course is ideal for mobile security testing professionals who want to improve their knowledge, understanding, and competencies in the spectrum of mobile application penetration testing. Additionally, the course is designed to help students become competent professionals in the field of mobile application penetration testing. In this online course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts, approaches, methods, tools, and techniques for effectively performing mobile application penetration testing for Android applications and become a desirable asset for any organization. 



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