Introduction to Blockchain Technology

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Modern technological advancements have revolutionized the manner in which individuals and organizations operate. The constant innovations and upgrades have paved the way for new technologies to emerge, and also disrupt the current cycle of utilized technologies, which might soon become obsolete. As the backbone of digital cryptocurrency, Blockchain refers to a distributed database for the parties involved in any digital occurrence or transaction. As one of the fastest emerging technologies, Blockchain provides a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and institutions to leverage the benefits that the technology provides, in combination with the existing and the emerging technologies.

Through Introduction to Blockchain Technology, the course participants will be subjected to the fundamentals of Blockchain technology. Starting from the era before Blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the current developments and ecosystem. Additionally, the course provides a professional collection of the theoretical and practical concepts in relation to Blockchain, its security, and the further developments in place. The course, also elaborates on the major contributors that have helped Blockchain reach its current potential, as well as the most prominent current use cases.

Learning Objectives

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The current technological capabilities, though having exceeded the expectations of the recent decades, have shown incredible signs of promise for novel technologies to emerge and overtake a significant position in the social and economic spectrums. The creation of digital currency has tackled a long-existing global issue. Considering the various previous attempts to create digital currencies in the past, their downfall was attributed to the lack of trust that individuals and organizations had towards the novel currencies, but with the current development of Blockchain technology, there is a massive hype for shifting towards the modern digital currencies. 

The “Introduction to Blockchain Technology” course provides thoroughly elaborated content that serves the purpose of equipping the students with the necessary knowledge regarding Blockchain technology. Moreover, the course participants will learn about the fundamentals of Blockchain technology, its development, as well as real-life use cases. Additionally, the course focuses on enhancing the knowledge of the student about one of the most prevalent emerging technologies which will sooner rather than later overtake the majority of industrial landscapes.



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