In-Person Sales and Negotiation Skills

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In the age of online shopping and technology, in-person sales can often be ignored. Don’t overlook, however, the importance of personal contact and building relationships. You never know when or where you’ll meet your next customer, so it’s always important to make a good impression. Throughout this online course, participants will gain the skills to build professional relationships that start with great first impressions and develop into long-term partnerships.

Learning Objectives

About This Course

In-Person Sales online course provides practical sales tactics on how to take full advantage of any in-person meeting to build rapport, understand prospects’ needs, build trust, communicate effectively, and negotiate the best deal. This course is specifically designed to teach participants the professional skills they need to succeed in a high-pressure sales environment. This will help participants feel comfortable during in-person sales conversations and overcome their fears of rejection. Upon completing this online course, participants will greatly enhance their confidence, skills, and credibility.



This course is part of the CUNITECH Customer Relationship Management section.

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