Data Visualization

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The technological and scientific advancements of the past centuries have shaped the modern digital global society that we cherish today with numerous tools and technologies available to help us perform various tasks, processes, and operations. The modern environment is characterized by a significant dependence on tech solutions and infrastructure, as they have become a vital asset for individuals and organizations in their endeavors. As numerous disciplines have risen as a result of these advancements, a common denominator behind the success of these disciplines is the enhanced capabilities of accurately and precisely visualizing data via various graphic means for highlighting important data and information.

In CUNITECH Institute’s online course Data Visualization, the students will be subjected to a variety of modules comprising the domains and subdomains of Data Visualization, in which they will be able to learn about the fundamental concepts, technologies, and tools of Data Visualization. Moreover, due to the increased dependence on data and information, Data Visualization has been elevated into a highly-important component of organizations and institutions in order for them to visualize their findings and observed patterns. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that data analyst professionals become acquainted with the most prominent approaches and strategies for appropriately conducting Data Visualization.

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The enhancement of computing and processing capabilities that has characterized the recent decades has enabled the potential that the statistical-driven approaches and strategies provide. The simultaneous development of the technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, exposed a significant requirement for capabilities that enable the graphical representation of data and findings. As the surge towards digitalization and automation continues to go forward, the requirement for extensive data visualization capabilities will be further enhanced to satisfy the growing demands of users worldwide.

This online course has been developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the comprising concepts of Data Visualization. Furthermore, this course aims to support the students in enhancing their knowledge and capabilities of the topics of Data Visualization technologies and exploring the possibilities for integrating the available technologies into their operating environment. Additionally, the students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnection between data and business, and the most prominent data visualization tools that can be utilized for various means and purposes.



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