Organizational Development: Call Center Training

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Call centers have become a frequent element of successful organizations, where they serve as the frontline for customers who want to contact the organization, and ask about the products or services that the organization provides. This is why it is important to adequately train employees for the call center of the organization. In this course you will learn about the essential theoretical and practical implications related to the organizational process of call center training, how to integrate the best practices for satisfying customer requirements, and to successfully become available to organizational or client requests.

Learning Objectives

About This Course

The employees who operate on organizations call centers, are crucial for the perception of the organization by the customer. The call center employees who are proficient in handling and operating in a variety of situations with professionalism, can become a valuable organizational asset, and get themselves on the right path for increases in salaries and performance bonuses.

This course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and aspects which are related to the process of call center training. Furthermore, this course aims to support you in the process of gaining the necessary knowledge so that you can become a proficient call center representative that understands the fundamental aspects of business-customer communication, handling complex scenarios for organizational benefit, and further sharpening your professional communication skills.



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