Certified CyberSafe Implementer

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The rapid technological advancements have paved the way for the digital transformation processes, which have influenced organizations of all sizes and every operating industry. However, the benefits from the massive integration of technology have brought along a rising number of cyber risks and threats from cyberattacks, which has emphasized the necessity for cybersecurity investments to organizations of all sizes, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. In response to this professional demand, CUNITECH Institute provides a professionally developed online course accredited by The Certification Service of the United Kingdom.

This CPD-certified course Certified CyberSafe Implementer, is aimed at professionals seeking to gain a professional certification that enhances their professional capabilities in implementing the security controls outlined by the Canadian Center for Cyber Security in their guide for Baseline Cyber Security Controls for Small and Medium Organizations. This is an implementer course; therefore, participants are expected to gain the necessary knowledge to help any Small and Medium Organizations in implementing their baseline cybersecurity controls.

Learning Objectives

About This Course

Regardless of the size of a business organization, technological investments and reliance is a common norm, but the increase in the number of cyber risks and threats has emphasized the importance of developing proper solutions that help preserve the safety of an organization’s digital assets. In this online course, the students will be presented with a professionally developed learning framework that will help them to thoroughly analyze a business organization’s capacities to implement the security controls outlined by the Canadian Center for Cyber Security. Moreover, the course helps students understand and acknowledge the cyber risks and threats, develop governing mechanisms that respond to the needs of the organization, and understand the most prominent methods and techniques for responding to cybersecurity risks and threats at an organizational level.

The course is comprised of five (5) manageable modules, which were proportionally divided into sections that will support the learning process, with each module providing a specific outlook on the baseline controls document, which predominantly includes the most important cyber risks and threats that organizations should be aware of, the mitigation mechanisms, and the techniques and controls that can be established for ensuring the safety of organizational systems and networks. The course starts with defining and establishing the organizational controls for cybersecurity, proceeds to further analyze the steps and techniques for implementing and operating the cybersecurity solutions, then further elaborates on the actions on objectives that organizations should undertake to maintain and improve security, and lastly describes the processes for maintaining and improving the developed system that ensures the cyber safety of an organization.



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