Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage

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The increased demand for technological investments by organizations in the modern environment have exemplified a significant dependence of business organizations on technological tools and solutions for protecting their digital assets, as well as to develop a competitive advantage in relation to the market participants. Digitalization of resources and operations has long been sought as a business solution to increase the market presence of organizations, but this is a complex process which should be associated with properly developed strategies and mechanisms that will complete the transformation.

In the online course Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage, the students will have the opportunity to learn about the fundamental concepts, practices, and strategies associated with business strategy development, as well as to develop a proper understanding of how to conduct the digital transformation process through business strategies. Moreover, the course provides an in-depth analysis of the most prominent mechanisms that managers can utilize for establishing a competitive presence in the market that they operate in.

Learning Objectives

About This Course

The rapid technological advancements of the recent decades, have elevated the capacities that organizations can operate with. Business strategy and IT alignment has become an industrial norm where it is impossible for organizations to operate without technological solutions. Business strategies have become more vital than ever for organizations to establish and maintain their competitive presence in the market.

This online course is ideal for information security entry or mid-level professionals who want to improve their knowledge, performance, and leadership capabilities in the cybersecurity realm. Additionally, this course is designed to provide a practical approach to simplify the process of developing proper business strategies that will drive organizations to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. Through studying the process of developing business strategies, managers can further enhance their competences for adequately conducting the digital transformation process that characterizes the modern era.



This course is part of the CUNITECH Professional MBA in Business Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing program.

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