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Considering the vast amounts of technological and scientific advancements, organizations have become increasingly aware of the potential of the cross domains of data and technology. As a result, organizations have undertaken immediate actions for the implementation of data and information activities such as collecting and analyzing datasets for gaining meaningful insights and precise information for business leaders to make adequate decisions. As the term Big Data came to rise as a result of the massive increase in the volume of data flowing around in the internal and external environments of organizations. In regard to the current data and technology developments, CUNITECH Institute provides a professional and structured online course developed to facilitate the learning requirements to their full extent.

Through the Big Data from A-Z online course, the students will be subjected to the core concepts and activities concerning Big Data and data analytics. The course initiates with an introduction to the domain of Big Data. Furthermore, the course goes further by elaborating on the data analytics lifecycle and all of the necessary approaches and practices for supporting data-driven organizational decision-making. Moreover, the advanced analytical theories are further elaborated with a special focus on the tools and technologies available for professionals to make due of.

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The global shift towards technological tools and solutions has given rise to some serious business opportunities with a particular focus on data-driven industries which have sought to make use of the excessive volume of datasets that are produced on a daily basis. By emphasizing the importance of Big Data, organizations have become capable of developing analytical capabilities that help them identify trends and patterns, and from which, they can observe the discovered trends in the data to increase the quality of the decisions that are taken. As the trend of data production shows no signs of stopping, it has become essential that organizations develop capabilities that enable them to take advantage of the opportunities that Big Data Analytics provides.

The “Big Data from A-Z” online course provides a great opportunity for individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of how Big Data analytics works and what are the necessary approaches and activities that can be utilized for identifying trends and patterns that can derive precise and accurate information for various purposes. The attendees of this course will be presented with an introduction to the Big Data domain. Furthermore, the course explores the course covers some of the most prominent advanced analytical theories that will help the students become proficient at understanding the process of Big Data analytics and become capable of recognizing important opportunities for the future.

Big Data from A-Z



This course is part of the CUNITECH Data Science and Business Intelligence Program.

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