How to Create Your Affiliate Referral Links

How to Create Your Affiliate Referral URLs

Please navigate through the webpage below for a step-by-step guide on the actions that you need to undertake for creating our affiliate referral URLs.

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Upon successfully completing the registration process for CUNITECH Institute’s affiliate program, similar to other affiliate platforms, you will go through a straightforward process for creating referral URLs for the products which you are looking to advertise and to attain a fixed commission for the particular item that you advertise.

The initial step in this process which you have to do is that you have to return to CUNITECH Institute’s website, and then navigate to the Partners Program page to provide your login credentials. Moreover, in an effort to help you completely grasp this process, below you may find a step-by-step process on how to utilize the CUNITECH Institute affiliate dashboard and create your affiliate URLs for promoting CUNITECH Institute courses and programs.
1. Upon navigating to the Affiliate Partners page, simply scroll down to the login section and provide the login credentials that you have already registered with for the CUNITECH Institute affiliate program.
2. Once you have successfully logged in to the affiliate program page, you will gain access to the affiliate program dashboard. In this dashboard, as presented below, you will see your personalized performance details of your referral URLs and other important details which help provide an overview of important aspects.
3. In the next step, you will need to navigate to the “Affiliate URLs” tab and click on the link as presented in the screenshot below. Upon navigating to that tab, you will then see two sections: the “Referral URL” and the “Referral URL generator”. To gain a better descriptive view of these contents, please refer to the screenshot below of the “Affiliate URLs” tab.
4. Upon entering the dashboard, you may view your unique link which is provided automatically by our affiliate program. Similar to you, each of the affiliate partners will have their own unique link automatically generated by our platform. The screenshot below demonstrates the referral URL that is generated and can be copied from the dashboard. In this case, this link covers all the courses and programs of the CUNITECH Institute.
5. The steps described above were about how to get the referral URL for the entire CUNITECH Institute page. Below we will explain how to create a specific referral URL for a particular course. This is the process of how we can create it for each course or program that is listed on the CUNITECH Institute website.

6.  In this example, we are going to show how to promote the course “Certificate in Cybersecurity Management”. The first step that we need to conduct is to copy the URL of the course from the list of available courses that can be found at the following link: After copying the URL of the course “Certificate in Cybersecurity Management”, we need to paste it into the URL of the section page.

In this step, we copied this URL from the “Certificate in Cybersecurity Management” course as shown here: and pasted it into the Referral URL generator. Upon completing this action, you can witness that you have created the referral URL for the “Certificate in Cybersecurity Management” course. Please refer to the screenshot below:

Additionally, for the purposes of keeping things organized, you can name the campaign whatever you feel would be the best fit to name the campaign.
7. After completing the previous step, you simply need to copy the link from the “Generated referral URL” which in this case is your affiliate referral link for the “Certificate in Cybersecurity Management” course. As you can witness in the screenshot below of the dashboard, you can share the link directly on Twitter, Facebook, and also your email.
8. In the screenshot below, you may gain a visual depiction of what the course will look like if you shared it on one of your favorite social media platforms. The following shows what it will look like when shared on Facebook.
Thank you for your time and attention. Please keep in mind that for any inquiries that you might have, feel free to always contact us and we will gladly provide any required support for questions or issues that you might have.

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