How to Create and Promote Direct Links

How to Create and Promote Direct Links

The following webpage has been developed to provide an explanation of a method of linking straight to affiliates without any other parameters in the URL 

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In our range of tutorials, guides, and other valuable resources that we provide to our affiliate partners, we would like to provide an extensive elaboration on DIRECT LINKS and how they will help you achieve your established objectives and maximize profits. Thus, the following webpage has been developed to explain a method of linking straight to affiliates without any other parameters in the URL.  

What is Direct Linking?

Direct linking refers to an affiliate marketing approach that enables affiliates and publishers to direct users toward the website of the advertiser from a marketing material (in our case courses and programs) such as an email or an advertisement, and then attribute the marketing campaign performance back to the entity that the traffic was generated from.  

The Advantages of Direct Linking

Direct linking has become a popular form of affiliate marketing which enables the affiliates to promote products by posting a link to the website or the page of the product from an external source. One of its overall advantages is that it can be quickly set up, where the affiliate can place an advertisement and wait for the traffic to come. Moreover, direct linking provides a clearer indication of the quality of the traffic source. Especially in the case when the affiliate is promoting an online course, they would require a pre-sale landing page which would not be necessary if the case was with an email submission. Hence, the chances for success for a direct linking relate to the lower the conversion barrier is, the higher the chances will be 

The process of submitting your website as a Direct Link

After successfully registering for the CUNITECH Affiliate Program, please use your personal credentials to log in to the partner program which you can find at the following link:  

Then, you will be able to see the CUNITECH Affiliate Program dashboard and other details which you can also see in the image below:

After navigating to the dashboard and viewing your details generated by the CUNITECH affiliate dashboard, you should navigate to the left side of the dashboard where you will find the Direct Links section as described by the image below. Please click on it.  

After navigating to the Direct Links section, you will be presented with another page of the affiliate dashboard. You can also gain a visual depiction by seeing the same page from the image below: 

Upon landing on this page, you should write your domain or individual domain path for receiving approval.  Domains can be entered with or without a domain protocol (http://, https:// etc) or subdomain (www etc). Moreover, below you may find a presented example along with a screenshot from the dashboard:  

The example: 

  • • Your site is called 
  • • Jane (the affiliate) is promoting your site on a specific website, which she owns. The domain for that blog is 
  • • Jane writes about the products/services on, and links to, without using her affiliate referral variable (eg, or  

After providing your selected domain, you must click on the “Save Direct Links” button, then you will see the statement that your domain has been submitted, and is now subject to approval. 

Then, after you have provided your selected domain, our technical team will check the validation of the submitted domain and, if accepted, you will receive an email indicating that your direct link has been accepted.  

Tracking And Promoting of Your Direct Links

 As an affiliate, it is in your interest to want to know how many people clicked on your direct links, this information can all be found on your dashboard when you provide your login credentials. 

Furthermore, direct linking affiliate marketing can be substantially beneficial for both parties as it is one of the go-to marketing strategies. Most importantly, you can use it to promote your courses or affiliate programs with ads targeted to your visitors. Besides, one of the most common ways to promote your affiliate links is in banner ads. It is a way to attract the attention of visitors to the website, and it can be used to direct visitors directly to your website or a blog post that provides more information about the course or program. So, if you have a website, consider incorporating banners into your website design that is aligned with your audience’s interests.  

Additionally, if you are interested in having CUNITECH’s marketing team provide you with supporting materials, such as preparing the design of all banners and thumbnails for CUNITECH courses and programs, as well as for other resources, you should contact us at