Organizational Competency: Crisis Management

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Organizational Competency: Crisis Management

The modern dynamic operating environment has been affected by numerous technological advancements and innovative disruptions which have enabled a constantly shifting business environment that business organizations must learn to adapt to in order to stay competitive, and avoid potential pitfalls. The purpose of conducting a crisis management process is to identify the threats that an organization has to deal with, and what are the methods which will be undertaken to ensure business continuity. In this course you will learn about the fundamental theoretical and practical implications related to the process of crisis management, and what are the most suitable actions that can be undertaken to secure your organization.  

Learning objectives

  • Understand the fundamental aspects that are associated with the process of crisis management.
  • Understand the business importance of identifying potential risks and deriving adequate responses to those risks.
  • Incorporate the industrial knowledge and concepts of learning about concerning behavior and how to stop any type of escalation.
  • Develop strategies and practices for properly developing crisis management steps and actions for properly responding to an event.

About this course  

In the modern business environment, crisis management has become a core organizational competency which has incentivized business managers to undertake a proactive approach of identifying threats, and identifying the means that you will respond to those threats. The crisis management process often requires the decision-making process to be made within a shorter amount of time, and after an event has already transpired.

This course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and aspects which are related to the process of crisis management. Furthermore, this course aims to support you in the process of gaining the necessary knowledge so that you can utilize the best business practices for appropriately constructing crisis management strategies and plans that will help you become an important asset for your organization in responding to any crisis that may transpire.