Organizational Administrative Support

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Organizational Administrative Support

The modern working environment requires an individual management approach that each individual working within an organization should undertake. In this course you will learn about the theoretical and practical implications related to the administrative support, how to incorporate the best practices for becoming more organized, punctual, and effective in your communication skills, so that you can become a valuable professional entity.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the fundamental aspects and implications that affect the process of effective time management
  • Comprehend the most renowned practices and strategies of developing organization and punctual skills
  • Incorporate the industrial knowledge and theories for improving your communication skills
  • Develop appropriate principles of administrative organization and communication for improving time and communication management

About this course

Organizational skills are essential for any individual working in any organization of any industry. Surrounded with multiple technological tools and solutions, individuals now have extra responsibilities of managing their own working schedule, as well as the administrative aspects which surround those processes.

This course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the importance improving general organization skills and time-management skills and incorporate the most prominent practices for becoming more punctual, organization, and effective. Furthermore, this course aims to support you in the process of obtaining the necessary knowledge so that you can utilize the best practices of utilizing communication strategies, as well as effectively and efficiently managing your time.

“If you take a bunch of superstars and put them in a room where they don’t have their assistants and entourage, it’s funny to see what happens.”

Daryl Hall