Business Communication Skills: Collaborative Writing

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Business Communication Skills: Collaborative Writing

Collaborative business writing is a growing trend among industries because it is a concept that utilizes the talent and knowledge of several individuals to create one final piece of work. Hence, strong writing skills remain essential in the business world, as creating proper documents (such as proposals, reports, and agendas) gives you an added advantage in the workplace, which many people lose.

Learning objectives

  • Define collaborative business writing
  • Know different types of collaborative writing
  • Know how to collaborate with team members
  • Learn methods of handling conflict in writing
  • Build collaborative writing teams

About the course

The quality of your communication could affect the jobs you are offered. To be considered a professional communicator, among others, you must be able to write effective e-mails, proposals, reports, and agendas. Therefore, this online course is designed to give students the knowledge and skills to collaborate with others and create an important business document. Throughout the online course, students will learn about the types of writing and how to improve writing by using particular tools and processes. In addition, students will also learn the most commonly used words and some tips to help them choose the right word at the right time. By the end of the course, students will have improved their communication skills, both in terms of writing and working with a team. 

“We train people to present – it’s a business skill. So why don’t we train them to write, clearly and persuasively? The case for teaching it seems so obvious.”

Jeremy Bullmore