Leading Effectively: Coaching and Mentoring

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Leading Effectively: Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching is a profession that requires excellent personal and professional relationships between the coach and the employees. Mentoring, on the other side, is a coaching skill that allows a coach to provide guidance, wisdom, and advice when needed. In this online course, students will learn the skills and concepts needed to become effective coaches and mentors.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand coaching, mentoring and the GROW model.
  • Learn to identify and set appropriate goals using the SMART technique of goal setting.
  • Learn the necessary steps in defining the current state or reality of your employee’s situation.
  • Understand the benefits of building and fostering trust with your employee.
  • Learn the steps in giving effective feedback while maintaining trust.
  • Learn how to overcome common obstacles to the growth and development of your employee.
  • Learn the difference between mentoring and coaching, using both to enable long-term development through a positive relationship with your employee.

About the Course     

This online course focuses on how to better coach employees and thus achieve better job performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and goal setting. The quality of coaching is directly related to how you can foster a good working relationship with your employees by understanding them and setting strategic goals. Different easy-to-understand coaching models will be elaborate throughout the online course to guide you through the coaching process. Be prepared to change a few elements of your personality in order to accompany your employees towards better performance.