Leadership Development: Business Acumen

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Leadership Development: Business Acumen


The rapid technological and scientific advancements of the recent decades have completely transformed every social and industrial spectrum via enhanced means of communication, interaction, and exchange. Amongst the most notable beneficiaries of tech advancements, business organizations have sought to implement various tools and solutions that help them enhance their business capabilities, performance, and profit. In this online course, the students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts associated with the development of business acumen, with specific attention to the enhancement of business knowledge and skills to become successful in the modern digital era.

Enhancing Business Intelligence with Business Acumen online course is designed to facilitate the learning journey of students for them to develop a comprehensive knowledge behind the topic of Business Acumen and enhance their professional competency by recognizing the value of modern leadership strategies and approaches. Furthermore, in this online course, the students will gain an inclusive elaboration of the business approaches and mechanisms that have elevated Business Acumen into becoming one of the leading business and management topics and a vital component of successful cases of organizational management.

Learning Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental concepts and aspects associated with Business Acumen and its organizational applications.
  • Comprehend the vital components that directly contribute to the development of Business Acumen skills and knowledge.
  • Fully comprehend the process of developing a risk management strategy for contributing to the development of business acumen.
  • Understand how to practice management acumen and practice financial literacy to make the best-informed business decisions.

Course Modules & Duration:

The Enhancing Business Intelligence with Business Acumen online course is projected to take 6 (six) hours to complete – including the final quiz.

Module 1: Seeing the Big Picture30 minutes
Module 2: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)30 minutes
Module 3: Risk Management Strategies30 minutes
Module 4: Recognizing Learning Events30 minutes
Module 5: You Need to Know These Answers and More30 minutes
Module 6: Financial Literacy (I)30 minutes
Module 7: Financial Literacy (II)30 minutes
Module 8: Business Acumen in Management30 minutes
Module 9: Critical Thinking in Business30 minutes
Module 10: Key Financial Levers30 minutes
Final Quiz: A quiz that consists of 20 questions (passing score 60%)30 minutes


As soon as you finish the online course, you can download your Certificate of Achievement. This will also be accessible in your account any time you log in. Your Certificate of Achievement includes the online course you have studied, your name, the date of completion, and a verification number that can be used by future employers to verify that you passed your course.

Navigation Guide:

The Enhancing Business Intelligence with Business Acumen online course is divided into manageable modules and topics. Go through these modules at your own pace and learn about each of the topics in the online course. We use images, written information, diagrams, and other resources to help you get to know the content without any problems. This online course is designed to progress without any assistance, but our support staff can be contacted if you need us.

Follow this link to download the: Navigation Guide for the Enhancing Business Intelligence with Business Acumen online course. If you have any further questions or require further support, please do not hesitate to contact us at operations@cunitech.ca