Fundamentals of Anger Management

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Fundamentals of Anger Management

Anger is a natural emotion that usually stems from the perception of a threat or loss. However, dealing with anger in unhelpful ways can be incredibly destructive. Therefore, since everyone gets angry, it is vital to have effective and constructive approaches to managing it before it gets out of hand and leads to negative results. This online course will help students understand the emotion of anger, help them identify and manage their personal anger triggers, and communicate effectively with others when anger occurs.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand anger dynamics in terms of the anger cycle and the fight and flight theory
  • Learn the helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger
  • Learn techniques in controlling anger, particular reading anger warning signs, using coping thoughts, exercising relaxation techniques, and blowing off steam
  • Understand the difference between objective and subjective language
  • Express a feeling or position using I-messages
  • Reflect on one’s hot buttons and personal anger dynamics
  • Learn to alter, avoid and accept ways of responding to an anger-provoking situation
  • Understand the energy curve and how it can help in responding to someone else’s anger
  • Learn and practice de-escalation techniques
  • Gain an integrated view of anger management and how it can be best practiced

About the Course

Anger can be an incredibly destructive force, costing people their jobs, personal relationships, and even their lives when it gets out of hand. Therefore, this online course is designed to teach students how to manage their anger in a healthy manner. They will learn how to identify their anger triggers and what to do when they’re angry, using several proven tips and techniques that help them have more peace of mind. By the end of this course, students will learn to be proactive in managing anger and to take specific actions in a consistent manner to see anger turn into a healthy emotion that protects them from unnecessary hurt or threats.