Employee Recognition in the Workplace

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Employee Recognition in the Workplace

For an organization, an employee recognition program is not a luxury; it is a necessity. With a well-designed employee recognition program, companies can improve job retention, employee engagement, teamwork, reinforce organizational values, and much more. Employees are more likely to stay with a company if they feel valued. This course focuses on recognizing employees and using programs to empower them to achieve their goals and perform their best.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the type of Employee Recognition Program(s) your company needs
  • Train leadership to recognize their employees
  • Learn when and where recognition is needed
  • Create a culture of recognition
  • Maintain an effective Employee Recognition Program

About this Course

The Employee Recognition in the Workplace online course helps participants to recognize superior performance and reward colleagues for a job well done. In addition, this online course will provide participants with strategies to encourage, motivate, and build employee morale as well as help promote dedication and job retention. At the end of the course, participants will learn the true value of implementing employee recognition programs that increase productivity, employee loyalty, and safety in the workplace.