Developing Communication Strategies

Communication Strategy

In this online course, you will learn about the fundamental concepts and practices associated with communication strategy, how to understand and incorporate practical and proven models, as well as how to adapt to the modern business environment through emphasizing communication as an essential mechanism for positive performance.

Learning objectives

  • Utilize communication techniques and principles for in-person and remote teams
  • Upgrade your communication strategy for enhancing your communication standards
  • Elevate the efficiency and effectiveness of your team meetings through communicating in a strategic manner
  • Incorporate strategies and practices that will help you adapt to the modern team environment and have a positive effect in your communication process

About this course

The digitalization of work environments has brought along numerous benefits and opportunities that empower both managers and employees. With the incorporation of mobile devices, the level of communication has significantly evolved technology has enabled instantaneous gratification regarding communication and access.

The course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of how to comprehend the Communication Strategy practices and theories for incorporating them into your own working environment. Furthermore, this course aims to enhance your communication capabilities in elevating your communication capabilities, integrating communication strategies for improving the communication process, as well as help emphasize the importance of a well-developed communication strategy for positive organizational perception.

“Effective communication is effective communication, regardless of the setting.”

Keith Grafman

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