Certified Cybersecurity Analyst

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Certified Cybersecurity Analyst


The modern business environment has been characterized by a massive dependence on technological tools and solutions which have increased the complexity of maintaining the proper security of networks and systems. The increased reliance on IT solutions has also increased the level of risk that organizations are exposed to. These developments have increased the demand for cybersecurity analyst professionals that are able to apply their expertise for deriving adequate cybersecurity strategies and solutions that will help preserve the cybersecurity of organizations. In this online course, the students will be presented with the most prominent industrial methods and practices elevating their cybersecurity analysis capabilities and becoming a prominent cybersecurity asset for any organization.

The Certified Cybersecurity Analyst online course is designed to help students prepare for cybersecurity analyst and management positions, as well as to derive professional decisions that help mitigate cyber risks and threats by developing security structures and strategies. In this online course, the students will gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity strategies and mechanisms, risk management principles, encryption methods, and techniques that are applicable to cybersecurity and risk management. Additionally, the students will also learn about the industrial perspective regarding cybersecurity and protection mechanisms, as well as the associated security controls.

Learning Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of the course, the student/participant will become familiar with the following concepts and will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental aspects that are associated with cybersecurity analysis processes.
  • Understand the organizational importance of developing operations security capabilities and effective cybersecurity strategies.
  • Incorporate the industrial knowledge and concepts to enhance your analytic skills for cybersecurity.
  • Develop strategies and techniques that will help you become a competent professional for analyzing developing cybersecurity strategies and solutions.

Course Modules & Duration:

The Certified Cybersecurity Analyst online course is projected to take seven (7) hours to complete – including the Final Quiz.

Module 1: Cybersecurity Fundamentals30 minutes
Module 2: Cryptography1 hour
Module 3: Operations Security and Management1 hour
Module 4: Cloud Security1 hour
Module 5: Data Protection and Security1 hour
Module 6: Communications and Network Security1 hour
Module 7: Security Controls for Cybersecurity Analysts1 hour
Final Quiz: A quiz that consists of 20 questions (Passing score 60%)30 minutes

Certification Details:

As soon as you finish the online course, you can download your Certificate of Achievement. This will also be accessible in your account any time you log in. Your Certificate of Achievement includes the online course you have studied, your name, the date of completion, and a verification number that can be used by future employers to verify that you passed your course.

Navigation Guide:

The Certified Cybersecurity Analyst online course is divided into manageable modules and sections. Go through these modules at your own pace and learn about each of the topics in the online course. We use images, written information, diagrams, and other resources to help you get to know the content without any problems. This online course is designed to progress without any assistance, but our support staff can be contacted if you need us.

Follow this link to download the: Navigation Guide for the Certified Cybersecurity Analyst online course. If you have any further questions or require further support, please do not hesitate to contact us at operations@cunitech.ca

“Companies spend millions of dollars on firewalls, encryption, and secure access devices, and it’s money wasted; none of these measures address the weakest link in the security chain.”

Kevin Mitnick