Building Business Relationships: Contracts

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Building Business Relationships: Contracts

Contracts are the legally binding documents that are essential for all business relationships and activities. The purpose of conducting the contract management process for an organization is to ensure that there is a legally bounding agreement between two parties about the responsibilities that are to be claimed. In this course you will learn about the fundamental theoretical and practical implications related to the process of contract management, and how to develop, review, implement, store, and properly terminate contracts in your business environment.   

Learning objectives

  • Understand the fundamental aspects that are associated with contract management.
  • Understand the business importance of implementing proper contract management processes.
  • Incorporate the industrial knowledge and concepts of successfully developing contract management strategies for your organization.
  • Develop strategies for implementing contract management activities and become effective at navigating the contract management process.

About this course  

Contracts are the building blocks that business operations are built on, regardless of being contracts with employees, clients, or partners. Properly developing contracts may seem as an intimidating process that can have severe repercussions if the proper attention is not paid to details.

This course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and aspects which are related to the process of contract management. Furthermore, this course aims to support you in the process of gaining the necessary knowledge so that you can utilize the best business practices for conducting the contract management process, how to develop adequate contracts that suit your organizational requirements, and to ensure that there is a legally binding document for ensuring the proper implementation of the agreements that are reached.