Big Data from A-Z

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Big Data from A-Z


Taking into account the shift of the technological and business domains towards data driven strategies, business intelligence is evolving exponentially. In other words, data is being gathered and utilized at high volumes and speeds by organizations in order to gain competitive advantage and increase their operational efficiencies. Data in combination with the latest state of the art technological capabilities is having a profound impact on organizations strategy, performance, decision support systems, business intelligence systems and visual analytics. Subsequently, business intelligence provides strong influence on decision making processes by providing the means to use the data accordingly with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Attendees of this online course will be able to grasp knowledge regarding all concepts and notions of the business intelligence domain. Through this carefully structured and consistently distributed information, attendees will learn more about knowledge management and how organizations utilize it to gain competitive advantage and increase their operational efficiency. Furthermore, the course dives deeper also on the effects of knowledge and technology in business decision making. Thus, the approaches and steps for an effective and efficient deployment of business decision making strategies are thoroughly discussed. This online course consists of five modules, starting by providing an introduction to knowledge management, discussing the data driven business decision making, taking a business intelligence perspective of the concepts and capabilities, presenting the latest approaches and methods for business data visualization and last but not least the general business intelligence management systems.

Learning Objectives:

Upon the successful completion of the course, the student will become familiar with the essential concepts of big data and will be able to:

  • Learn about the business intelligence domain and its evolution over the years.
  • Understand what is knowledge management and how it affects organizations.
  • Familiarize on the recent techniques and approaches of data driven decision making.
  • Understand the effect of business decision making and the steps organizations take.
  • Learn how business intelligence helps organization utilize technology and data.
  • Get familiar with the latest technologies and capabilities of business intelligence.
  • Realize the guidelines, pitfalls and methods of business data visualization.
  • Recognize the importance of insights relying in data and the correct communication of them.
  • Understand what are business management systems and how they affect the organization’s performance.

Course Modules & Duration:

The Big Data from A-Z online course is equivalent to 7 hours to complete – including the final quiz.

Module 1: Introduction to Big Data1 hour
Module 2: Fundamentals of Data Analytics1 hour
Module 3: Big Data and Business1.5 hours
Module 4: Operating with Big Data1 hour
Module 5: Utilization of Big Data1.5 hours
Final Quiz: A quiz that consists of 20 questions (Passing score 60%)1 hour


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Navigation Guide:

The Big Data from A-Z online course is divided into manageable modules and topics. Go through these modules at your own pace and learn about each of the topics in the online course. We use images, written information, diagrams, and other resources to help you get to know the content without any problems. This online course is designed to progress without any assistance, but our support staff can be contacted if you need us.

Follow this link to download the: Navigation Guide for the Big Data from A-Z online course. If you have any further questions or require further support, please do not hesitate to contact us at

“Business Intelligence is about providing the right data at the right time to the right people so that they can take the right decisions”

Nic Smith, Head of Product Marketing for Data and Analytics at Google