Accounting and Finance: Basic Bookkeeping

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Accounting and Finance: Basic Bookkeeping

The success of a business organization is mostly depended on the financial performance and how much revenue it is able to generate. Every operating organization is responsible for properly maintaining financial records, whether it being for satisfying the internal objectives or for adhering to the legal standards and documentation. In this course you will learn about the theoretical and practical implications related to the practice of bookkeeping its significant value for the success and the performance of a business organization.   

Learning objectives

  • Understand the fundamental aspects associated with accounting and bookkeeping
  • Understand the financial statements and their components
  • Incorporate the industrial knowledge and practices of bookkeeping for successfully managing your organization’s financial records
  • Develop appropriate principles that respond to integrating bookkeeping practices

About the course

Bookkeeping refers to the practice of recording, retrieving, storing, and analyzing the financial records of a business organization. Business Organizations operate with the purpose of becoming profitable and lucrative for other investors, a big factor that contributes towards the good establishment of an organization is the bookkeeping process of an organization. Though the terms accounting and bookkeeping are compatible, there is a difference between them where accounting is much more complex than bookkeeping.

This course is developed to provide a theoretical and practical understanding of the concepts and aspects which are related to the process of bookkeeping. Furthermore, this course aims to support you in the process of gaining the necessary knowledge so that you can utilize the best practices for storing, recording, retrieving, and analyzing the financial records of your organization, with the purpose of improving the financial transparency and the overall efficiency of your organization.

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