High-quality standards are a crucial part of our organization’s values.

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Certified CPD Member

As a CPD certified member, we ensure that the skills and abilities our students acquire during the online courses are always on-demand. Hence, being a CPD-accredited institution means that we combine different learning methods with innovative techniques and effective idea-sharing between students.

As a result, CUNITECH Institute is proud to be an accredited provider of online education and to demonstrate that we comply with the best practices of CPD, which is:

– An internationally recognized and independent authority,

– High-quality and effective training standard,

– A structured, practical, and methodical approach to learning,

– Regularly updated to align with best practice and legislation.

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CPD Certificate of Membership

Education plays an essential role in the development of all industries. As such, advancements in the educational system are the benchmark for future business innovation and a skilled professional workforce.

Therefore, the goal of CPD accreditation is to provide students with significant professional development.

Yet, this is only the first step that CUNITECH Institute is taking to contribute to the modern workforce’s requalification. Continuous personal development is something that everyone can benefit from, as learning new skills and practices can help to further climb the ladder of professional success.

Moreover, completing a CPD-certified course shows that the provider has met the standards set by an external institution and will help you make tangible progress in your skillset. Thus, high-quality standards are a crucial part of our organization’s values. As a result, every course we offer will always be worth your time and effort.

High-quality standards are a crucial part of our institutional values; hence, every course we offer will always be worth your time and effort. As a result, CUNITECH Institute is a proud member of the CPD Certification Service.

(Date of Commencement: March 2nd, 2020)

CPD Accredited Provider

The dynamics of the modern business environment have emphasized the importance of professional development as the main source for professionals to stay on track with the industrial standards. As an approved CPD Accredited provider, CUNITECH Institute provides a great opportunity for its students to enhance their professional capabilities and support them in their self-improvement journey in accordance to the professional standards that The CPD Accreditation Group upholds. Through adhering to The CPD Accreditation Group, CUNITECH Institute has become the go-to platform for individuals seeking to improve their skills and capabilities, and gain global recognition of their professional development.

CUNITECH Institute strives to equip professionals and learning enthusiasts with the necessary skills and competencies for them to succeed in the modern business environment. As the term CPD describes the activities that professionals take part in for enhancing their professional capabilities and competencies, CUNITECH Institute aims to provide for its students an effective platform that enables them to enhance their professional skills and competencies.

Certificate of CPD Accredited Provider

With thousands of satisfied customers from all over the globe, The CPD Group is a rapidly growing company with a provider-focused outlook which has enabled CUNITECH Institute to become a thriving CPD Provider. Continuing professional development has become a prolific requirement for individuals regardless of the industry that they operate in. CUNITECH Institute has long strived to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for them to become competent professionals and thrive in their working environment.

CUNITECH Institute as an accredited CPD Provider offers new professional opportunities for its students through the collaboration with the globally renowned CPD Accreditation Group. Upon successful completion of the online courses, the students of CUNITECH Institute will become eligible for obtaining a professional certificate that exemplifies their professional development and will be an important asset in their professional baggage.