Important Announcement from CUNITECH Institute

Dear students,

We regret to inform you that we have decided to stop enrolling new students at CUNITECH Institute. Our last day of availability for course registration will be November 30, 2022; after that date, CUNITECH Institute will no longer offer training or certificate services. If you haven’t downloaded your electronic certificate, please do so from your account at CUNITECH Institute’s website. If you need any help, please send a request to

If you’re undergoing a program or certificate, you can continue until completion, and a certificate will be issued at the end. We will be offering attestation service on request until November 30, 2024.

We thank you again for your patronage and value as one of our students.

Certificate Verification

This section is still active to verify whether the certificates you have been presented by our students are authentic and issued by CUNITECH Institute. Every certificate includes an individual verification number in the bottom right corner of the certificate. So, for every electronic certificate that is generated, a record is created and saved in CUNITECH Institutes database. Additionally, after you have entered the number (Certificate ID), the database will verify whether such a record/certificate exists. If it does, you will receive a confirmation of the following information: Student First Name, Student Last Name, Course Name and Completion Date. In case the validator does not work, please send us an email at operations[at] (allow 48 hours for reply).

Certificate Sample of Cunitech

Unique Certificate ID: *

By entering Unique Certificate Code provided in our certificate, you can verify an individual's CUNITECH Institute certification.